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T-SAR is always looking for volunteers to assist in our daily operations. 

For emergency taskings, members of our crew will be required to reach our boat at Outer Harbour Marine within half an hour.  Also please note accepted crew members will be required to show proof of Covid19 vaccination.

(There is more information at the bottom of this page for potential applicants.)

Please fill out the form below and send it to

*Please ensure documents are in WORD and not PDF.

On water:

  • Deputy Commander
  • Coxswains
  • Crew members (Helm, Radio Operator, Navigator, Deckhand)

On land:

  • Education volunteers
  • Fundraisers
  • Search coordinator

Information for potential crew members:

- Winter training is every two weeks on Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm starting in January and it is an expectation that everyone attends

- Boat prep is in April on one or two weekends and it is expected that folks will help out.

- All volunteers must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and will have to provide a vulnerable sector check.

- Everyone needs to have their PCOC and ROC before the start of the season, at your cost.

- The season shifts are Wednesday or Thursday nights from 6-9pm and Saturday and / or Sunday from 10-2pm and/or 2-6pm.

- Emergency call ups are 24/7 and we want volunteers who understand that they may need to drop what they are doing to assist in a rescue.

- It is our expectation that volunteers take courses to advance their skill levels.

- Some of the gear is paid for by T-SAR and some of the gear is to be purchased by you (please contact us if you have more questions about this.)

- There will be two full weekends of Coast Guard Phase training in the fall after the summer which are mandatory as well as one weekend in the spring.

- The on-water season begins typically in mid to late April and the season typically ends in late October to early November.

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